Supportive Housing

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Housing + Support

Nazareth Housing’s highly trained staff provide on-going support to low-income, Veteran, elderly and disabled residents of 40 apartments managed by Nazareth Housing in buildings throughout the Lower East Side and the Bronx. While living in supportive housing, tenants pay one-third of their income towards rent while receiving support services that include:

  • Case management
  • Advocacy
  • Document translation
  • Assistance with urgent needs
  • Support With repairs and apartment maintenance
  • Financial literacy programs
  • Youth programming

With stable housing, low-income rent structures, and access to support services, residents are empowered to overcome the effects of poverty and other barriers to housing such as domestic violence, addictive behavior, and low income.

Preserving Communities

Supportive housing residents live in their own clean and safe apartments among neighbors they know in neighborhoods they love. Surrounded by the support of Nazareth Housing staff, friendly neighbors, and a community that they are invested in, families lay down roots and thrive.

Supportive housing is a permanent solution for many New Yorkers, including formerly homeless families, individuals with a history of substance use, individuals living with mental illness, seniors, and Veterans.

Permanent and Supportive Housing Buildings

Park Avenue Thorpe (PAT) was originally managed by Thorpe Family Residence, Inc. After the merger of TFR and Nazareth Housing, Park Avenue Thorpe’s 20 supportive housing units became part of Nazareth Housing’s resources to aid low-income families attain affordable housing.

Marion Agnes House (MAH) was opened in January of 2006. Formerly a closed parochial school, this building offers 13 permanent apartments for low income households and two units of transitional shelter housing.

Partnerships with HDFC’s and Homesteaded Buildings

Nazareth Housing is pleased to partner with HDFC’s and homesteaders to help maintain safe and secure housing and promote the stability of buildings and neighborhoods. We can provide supportive services to buildings and individual stakeholders through linkage and partnership agreements.

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