CityFHEPS Voucher Program Primed for Value Increase

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Nearly three dozen City Council members have backed a bill significantly increasing the cash assistance available to families moving from shelter to permanent housing. CityFEHPS vouchers are critically important to helping families move successfully from shelter housing to permanent housing, yet existing voucher values do not satisfy minimum rental costs in any of New York City’s five boroughs.

Currently, the vouchers pay $1,580 for 3-4 person household, with the City Council’s proposed increase to fall in line with the fair market rent of a 2-bedroom apartment, $1,951.

More than 40 groups – including Nazareth Housing, fellow homeless service providers, housing developers and advocates, and social service providers – have signed on to a letter supporting the passage of this bill.

Raising the value of these vouchers will allow thousands of families with children move easily from shelter to permanent housing by reducing barriers to stability and independence.

Given the majority support in the City Council, the bill is veto-proof, though support from City Council Speak Corey Johnson and Mayor Bill De Blasio is still pending.