The New York Community Trust Renews Homelessness Prevention Support to Nazareth Housing for 2020, with Focus on the Bronx

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On February 12th The New York Community Trust renewed support for Nazareth Housing in 2020, allocating $75,000 towards homelessness prevention programs at Park Avenue Thorpe HDFC, our low-income supportive housing residence in the Bronx. This support comes at a crucial time for both Nazareth Housing and the local community: for the second year in a row the neighborhood has made the Association for Housing and Neighborhood Development’s Top Ten list for most at risk of losing affordable housing, and our expansion of programming to the borough has accelerated to meet the growing local need for proven homelessness prevention services.

“We are most grateful for this grant award,” Executive Director Mary Kay Orr said. “The Trust’s recognition of and confidence in the power of our community-based programs to help vulnerable households build lives filled with possibility and opportunity is both inspiring and humbling.”

The award from the Trust will support the following services for low-income, high-risk Bronx households:

  • Homelessness prevention case management, including benefits enrollment and emergency financial assistance.
  • Louise’s Pantry at Nazareth Housing, our client-choice food security program serving 140 Bronx households every week.
  • Bronx-based VITA-certified Tax Clinic in the 2020 tax season.
  • Weekly LifeLab educational workshops and seminars on financial literacy, health & wellness, employment readiness and more.

Last year, the Trust’s sponsorship of the Housing Stability Support Project at Nazareth Housing was a critical factor in the success of Nazareth’s homelessness prevention work, helping 803 vulnerable New Yorkers avoid eviction and remain in their communities. Over 400 individuals enrolled in money-saving entitlements programs such as SCRIE, DRIE, and SNAP, and our no-cost VITA-certified Tax Clinic returned $1.8 million in tax refunds to low-income members of the community. These were just some of the program’s accomplishments in 2019.

Since 2006, Nazareth Housing has directed much of its effort towards homelessness prevention for New Yorkers at high risk of losing their housing. Addressing the social and financial trigger causes of homelessness before a family winds up in Shelter is not only practical, but results in more compassionate and socially just outcomes: families avoid the emotional and psychological trauma of homelessness and, remaining in their homes, they preserve the fabric of New York’s diverse communities.

The Housing Stability Support Project (HSSP) was founded with these goals in mind, offering a wide range of services designed to comprehensively strengthen a family or individual’s housing stability. From the immediate (rental arrears assistance, landlord mediation, housing court advocacy) to the long-term (financial coaching, tenant rights workshops, benefits enrollment), HSSP offers every client customized assistance to avoid the perils of homelessness and build long-term resilience and opportunity.

With New York City’s homeless population surging to the highest levels seen in decades and neighborhood demographics changing before our eyes, resources like HSSP are more urgent than ever. Nazareth Housing is fortunate to have The New York Community Trust as an ally in the fight to end homelessness.

The award was derived from the following New York Community Trust funds, to all of whom we extend our sincerest thanks: the Wilhelm Loewenstein Memorial Fund; the Homeless Outreach and Assistance Fund; the Abraham B. and Sarah Frank Fund No. 1; the McClendon Fund; and the Iancu-Trinz Family Fund. 

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