Louise’s Pantry at Nazareth Housing awarded $30,000 through Nourish New York Initiative

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Louise’s Pantry at Nazareth Housing is the proud recipient of nearly $30,000 in funding from United Way and the Food Bank for New York City through the Nourish New York initiative, a partnership between New York State farmers and food banks serving COVID-impacted communities. These funds have allowed Nazareth Housing to purchase fresh, locally grown produce, as well as locally raised meat, poultry, eggs, and dairy products for our clients, while supporting the local agricultural sector.  

When COVID-19 struck New York, food insecurity quickly became the most insidious side effect of the quarantine and economic shutdown. Nearly 1.1 million New Yorkers lost all or part of their income, making the purchase of sufficient healthy food for their households a significant challenge. Compounding these difficulties was the closure of nearly 40% of the City’s food pantries and soup kitchens at the height of the pandemic due to lack of resources, insufficient staff capacity, and safety concerns. 

Farmers and food processors were also hard hit by the pandemic; with supply chains disrupted and no clear way of getting their products to market, they faced the unfortunate likelihood of losing most of their food to spoilage, causing significant economic hardship. 

Nourish New York aims to alleviate both of these problems, connecting food pantries in high-impacted and COVID-vulnerable neighborhoods with local New York State food producers. The initiative ensures that food insecure households receive sufficient amounts of healthy food, while providing a much-needed boost to the local rural economy. 

Since the onset of COVID-19 in New York City, Louise’s Pantry at Nazareth Housing has seen a skyrocketing local need, as hundreds of our neighbors grapple with job and income loss and the resulting food insecurity. Despite the challenges presented by the pandemic, Louise’s Pantry has remained open, serving our Bronx and Lower East Side communities every week since the quarantine began. Grants such as these from United Way and the Food Bank for New York City, in partnership with New York State, have allowed us to scale up our operations and serve record numbers of clients. 

To learn more about Louise’s Pantry, click here. To help Nazareth Housing accomplish its mission serving vulnerable and COVID-impacted New Yorkers, consider making a donation here.

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