Teen Volunteers

for their service and dedication to Thorpe Shelter

May 31, 2019

6:30PM – 11:00PM

Waveny House

Music by the Short Bus Band & Catering by Rosie

2019 Benefit Committee

Cally Adl
Nicole Ahrens
Bethamy Aronow
Colleen Bailey
Stefania Bopp
Kristin Desautelle
Neely Leslie

Mary Lydon
Alexa McCloughan
Mariella Scofield
Leigh Murray
Kerry O’Dea
Rebecca Paniwozik
Judi Panzano
Marybeth Pickering

Luba Radoslavova
Maria Schmitz
Holly Slattery
Helen Sparks
Kate Van Dussen
Suzanne Wilson
Ann Wronski

Board of Directors

Tara Chambers
Eric R. Dinallo
Steven M. Edwards
Sr. Irene Ellis, O.P.
Allison Franco

Patricia Glorioso
Mary Beth Hogan

Mary Kilbourn
Bennette D. Kramer
Mary Catherine Orr
Leonard Shavel
Cari Wint
Stephen Wronski

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