In August 2015 Arnulfo and his wife were priced out of their Brooklyn apartment by new owners. The rent increase, plus hospital bills from a family hardship a year earlier, meant the couple were forced to become homeless.

After seven months of staying separately with family and friends Arnulfo contacted Nazareth Housing for guidance and housing assistance. A Nazareth Housing client services and prevention specialist met with the couple and together developed a step-by-step housing action plan.

Arnulfo and his wife also met with the financial coach and learned that they had an unsatisfied judgment on their credit history that would negatively affect their housing applications. The couple met monthly with the financial coach who assisted them with removing the unsatisfied judgment and rebuilding their credit.

On March 1, 2016 Arnulfo and his wife happily moved into their newly developed apartment building. The couple is now stably housed in Brooklyn.