Ross Sarraf Joins Our Board of Directors

We’re excited to welcome Ross Sarraf to our Board of Directors. “I am honored to join the distinguished Board of Nazareth and hope I can make a positive impact for many years,” says Ross. As a member of the Junior Board since 2015 and Vice Chairperson of the Junior Board since 2019, Ross says he hopes to “bring another perspective to the board as someone who has been involved with Nazareth for several years – and primarily through the lens of interacting with relatively young stakeholders in the Nazareth ecosystem.”

While serving on the Junior Board, Ross helped establish and maintain a Book Club for children that are clients of Nazareth Housing; the Book Club runs monthly at the Thorpe Family Residence and helps encourage learning to read with the added benefit of childcare for busy parents during the weekend. Ross also co-led Nazareth’s annual Giving Tuesday efforts, successfully raising above target amounts the past two years. Additionally, he co-led the Junior Board’s involvement with Nazareth’s Annual Benefit, including the addition of a Junior Board-led afterparty and the creation of various categories of tickets for younger people.

Ross says that his continued desire to stay involved with Nazareth housing is motivated by three things: “I believe that homelessness is a community problem and Nazareth is a community organization that focuses on individuals and their specific needs and issues. Nazareth staff are amazing, impressive professionals and people. And solving the housing crisis is critically important to NYC and society as a whole and Nazareth takes an effective, innovative approach to addressing this issue in my view.”

Currently, Ross works at Hunter Point Capital LP where he is a Director, GP Stakes Investment Team. He earned his B.A. from George Washington University, his M.B.A from the University at Buffalo School of Management, and a J.D. from the University at Buffalo School of Law.

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