Nazareth Housing Staff

Meet our Team

Ria Akther
Staff Accountant

Madeline Beato
Senior Case Manager

Radaisa Berroa-Jorge
Program Director

Diedre Brown
Case Manager, Bronx

Jennifer Chalmers
Homeless Prevention Coordinator, Bronx

Kiania Colon
Homelessness & Domestic Violence Prevention Coordinator, Lower East Side, HSSP

Tricia Davies
Chief of Staff

Regina Geffner
Administrative Coordinator

Donna Goodman
Homelessness & Domestic Violence Prevention Coordinator, Bronx

Rachel Levine
Executive Director

Ramona Martinez
Office Manager, Thorpe Family Residence

Stephanie Mendez
Senior Case Manager, Lower East Side, HSSP

Victor Molina
Building Maintenance Consultant

Nohely Murillo
Parent Support and Youth Coordinator, Thorpe Family Residence

Corey O’Connell
Development Manager

Joseph Pagnozzi
Superintendent, Park Avenue Thorpe

David Percey
Director of Institutional Giving

Mildred Perez
Chief Program Officer

Rafael Reyes
Housing Specialist, Thorpe Family Residence

Luis Santana
Maintenance Associate

Joan Smith
Program Director, Thorpe Family Residence

Catherine Ugarte
Program Director, Lower East Side, HSSP

Freya Zamora
Food Security & Community Outreach Coordinator, Lower East Side