Success Stories


Francis was a single mother with four kids working full-time when her childcare provider fell through. Francis was forced to work part-time in order to care for her children while she searched for a new provider. By the time she found a new childcare provider, Francis had fallen behind on rent and utility bills and faced eviction.

Nazareth Housing’s Outreach and Prevention team helped Francis by providing immediate financial assistance to cover her rent and utility arrears and one-on-one financial coaching to create a sustainable budget for her family.

With this dynamic support from Nazareth Housing, Francis remained stably housed and avoided homelessness.

Services Used
  • Housing Counseling
  • Financial Coaching
  • Emergency Assistance

Services Used
  • Housing Counseling
  • Financial Coaching
  • Credit Repair

In August 2015 Arnulfo and his wife were priced out of their Brooklyn apartment by new owners. The rent increase, plus hospital bills from a family hardship a year earlier, meant the couple were forced to become homeless.

After seven months of staying separately with family and friends Arnulfo contacted Nazareth Housing for guidance and housing assistance. A Nazareth Housing client services and prevention specialist met with the couple and together developed a step-by-step housing action plan.

Arnulfo and his wife also met with the financial coach and learned that they had an unsatisfied judgment on their credit history that would negatively affect their housing applications. The couple met monthly with the financial coach who assisted them with removing the unsatisfied judgment and rebuilding their credit.

On March 1, 2016 Arnulfo and his wife happily moved into their newly developed apartment building. The couple is now stably housed in Brooklyn.

Rosa arrived at Nazareth Housing shelter as an unemployed single mother having survived domestic violence. Using an array of supportive services, Nazareth Housing assisted her immigration regularization and arranged internship programs until she received permission to work in the United States. Rosa earned a paid position within a program in the Mayor’s Office to Combat Domestic Violence.

She and her children are now living in their own apartment with the help of a domestic violence LINC housing subsidy. With our ongoing support, Rosa is building her economic independence and her kids are succeeding in school.

Services Used
  • Housing Counseling
  • Louise’s Pantry
  • Children’s Programming

Services Used
  • Housing Counseling
  • Independent Living Plan
  • Employment Readiness

From the day Carla arrived at Nazareth Housing, she was determined to be a success. A young mother of two young children, Carla met regularly with her Nazareth Housing case manager to develop her own unique Independent Living Plan that would identify and alleviate barriers to safe housing and meaningful employment.

With the help of her case manager, Carla completed a rigorous training program to become a home health aide and soon secured a job in that field. Soon after, Carla qualified for the LINC (Living in Communities) subsidy program and moved into permanent housing. Carla and her children spent only six months at Thorpe House!


“I will be forever thankful for the assistance that was given to me and my family to prevent us from becoming homeless. It was a very overwhelming experience to know that someone could put so much energy into helping a family in need. Without the help of Nazareth Housing; I don’t quite know what I would have done.”

– Mr. E