Nazareth housing 2024 annual benefit

You Hold the Key to their Future

As we approach the end of the year, we are filled with gratitude for your role in our community. Thanks to your generosity, we’ve helped families unlock their potential, build pathways out of poverty, and avoid homelessness.

Your Support Matters
Your continued belief in our work means that even more low-income New Yorkers can benefit from Nazareth Housing’s services. Each gift, no matter how big or small, allows us to address the crises that arise in peoples’ lives – and help them through the peaks and valleys of financial pressure such as during the holiday season. Give the gift of stability and change a life.

Reflecting on this Year
This year, we’ve been able to create more meaningful impacts in the community as well as reevaluate what it means to be successful and improve and bring joy to the lives of those we serve. Highlights on our impact across the five boroughs include:

Responding to the Needs of the Community
Part of what makes our service model unique is that we can quickly pivot in response to the needs of our community. As we find ourselves on the other side of the immediate crisis of the pandemic, we are now seeing the long-term economic effects of COVID on our community. In addition to rising cost of living, the benefits and services that were enhanced to support those affected by the pandemic, such as increase in unemployment and SNAP benefits, the Emergency Rental Assistance Program, and the eviction moratorium, have come to an end. This is where we step in. Every day we work to improve life outcomes for families at risk of homelessness so they can remain housed, excel in school, and stay employed.